Black History Month Belgium strives for inclusion by entering into partnerships with partners in the cultural, educational and social sectors for the organisation of our events from a strongly formed and anchored core. Through these partnerships, we have already proven to be able to work together with partners from the Flemish subsidised culture, art and education field (see BHM events) and a large number of organisations from the entire social-demographic spectrum. Fields that are still experiencing difficulties in reaching our target group through their regular offer.

Collaborating with organisations that take BHM’s objectives to heart plays an important role in the expansion and continuation of our operation. This page represents a small fraction of the many organisations involved in Black History Month Belgium.

If you are interested in structurally supporting Black History Month Belgium as an organization, please send an email to

If you are interested in contributing content to Black History Month as an individual, collective, black organization or community organization, please send an email to with as subject line “Support BHM”.


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