(IN)TANGIBLE - Conversation on Colonial Heritage in the Public Space

Datum: 16/03/22

Uur: 18:30

Plaats: Brussels

Beschrijving : conversation on Colonial Heritage in the Public Space

Organisatie/Artiest: DE//COLONIZE Leuven deBuren

Location: deBuren

Language: EN


Tickets: LINK

Partners: DE//COLONIZE Leuven, deBuren

Our public space is filled with visible and invisible aspects related to our colonial past. Our past and present are entangled in a way that reveals traces of colonization. What exactly is colonial heritage and how can its traces be found in our public space? (IN)TANGIBLE aims to raise awareness about these issues, to consider implications for the future and to explore what could be improved with regards to that future. During this sofa talk Nozizwe Dube will talk with Jessica de Abreu (anthropologist, curator and co-founder of the Black Archives) and Kevin Kabongo (co-fouder Waka Waka Generation) about the decolonisation of public space. They will address the issue of rethinking the public space in a way that dissociates it from colonisation. Nozizwe Dube will not only moderate the conversation between the two speakers, she will also ensure that the audience is involved in this conversation.

Jessica de Abreu


Kevin Kabongo



Nozizwe Dube