Black Men Sharing x Men Talk Too – Redefining Success for Black Men

Datum: 17/03/22

Uur: 19:00

Plaats: Brussels

Beschrijving : Black Men Sharing x Men Talk Too – Redefining Success for Black Men

Organisatie/Artiest: Black Men Sharing, Muntpunt, Men Talk Too

Location: Muntpunt - Munt 6, 1000 Brussel

Time: 20:00-23:00

Language: EN/FR

Tickets: FREE

Partners: Black Men Sharing, Men Talk Too, Muntpunt

How is success defined in our communities and broader society for Black men? Is there a pressure to hustle and provide? Is there a pressure to excel, and what does that Black Male Excellence look like? How do that pressure affect the mental health of Black men? Where and how can we create space for self-indulgence, rest and joy? Is there a generational and diasporic shift in the way these things are perceived? What role does community play in these shifts and this healing process?

These are questions that the co-founders of the platforms Black Men Sharing and Men Talk Too, all Black(-descendant) men, will discuss during a taping of a crossover episode of their respective podcasts. The live audience will be invited to reflect along, as a communal assembly, and to contribute to this redefinition and shifting of what success means for Black men.

Black Men Sharing is a reflection platform creating a space which allows Black men to share openly about psychosocial topics through discussions. Their B.M.S TALK SHOW (video) podcast is a tool to openly entertain an interactive conversation, putting a deep focus on Black men’s experience.

Men Talk Too is a podcast that debunks the stereotype that men only talk about shallow topics and don't have meaningful conversations. This stereotype is false and misleading. We need to talk about serious topics more in our society and break away from the social construct men have been placed in. Men, indeed, talk too. The co-hosts behind this podcast are Johnbosco Onyema and Nico Hillé, who discuss topics with good vibes and energy in an attempt to create a safe space to talk about anything.