Opening Night

Date: 02/03/22

Heure: 17:00

Lieu: Brussels

Déscriptions : Opening Night

Organisation/Artist(e): Ancienne Belgique

FB Link : click here

Location: Ancienne Belgique

Time: 18:00-23:00

Language: EN

CST: Yes

Tickets: FREE

Partners: Ancienne Belgique

▝▝ ▘One is also alone; together we’ve got a party! FREE, no reservations Discover the full BHM x AB programme on our website. ▝▝ ▘Black History Month Belgium (BHM) and AB join forces for a month-long celebration of the resilience of the black community, with an opening night on Wednesday 2 March for the whole event in Brussels. This year’s theme is ‘The Power of Assembly’. With this theme in mind, we want to propel this power forward on the opening night by sharing a series of experiences with the audience. We have booked a series of artists with various styles: WAYI, Shaka Shams and Saràh Phenom. We’ve also invited a dance group and a number of traders who will exhibit their wares in our hallway. A night of discovery and exchange. ▝▝ ▘LINE-UP

WAYI’s BHM show last year had to be cancelled, but she’s back in AB on Wednesday 2 March. WAYI is a singer from Antwerp who is familiar to us at AB as the sister of Sunday Rose. WAYI has even been called the Flemish Béyonce by MNM. At any rate, she has a compelling voice and her songs evoke loving, warm and nostalgic feelings. If you’re not convinced, listen to her most recent singles of the past few years: ‘Chill’, ‘What I Want’ or ‘Mind Mases’. Her songs transport you back to the late ‘90s: that is, the Destiny’s Child era. Shaka Shams was one of the winners of Sound Track in 2019 and also recently won StuBru’s Nieuwe Lichting with ‘Black Metal Rebel’. In this song, Shaka Shams shows another side with a rock/hip-hop combo that has incredible power. In 2021, he released his first EP: ‘Actions Only Volume 1’. An introduction to his universe, which feels both dark and smooth. Some may already know him from the single ‘Summerfun Freestyle’ on which he works with none other than the Brussels artist Blu Samu. Saràh Phenom may not be that well known among the public yet. Even so, she’s caught a few people’s attention online, especially on Instagram and YouTube. That’s where she released her Pre-EP in late 2021, called ‘’Phenom Heartbreak Tales’. An impressive, aesthetically beautiful series of sessions in which she presents herself as Saràh Phènom, R&B singer.