Akuna Fitness

Date: 14/03/20

Heure: 11:00

Lieu: Gand

Déscriptions : The first edition of the Black History Month Ghent is all about holistic well-being the Black community in Belgium. We go back to the historical roots of our well-being under the motto: "healing from the past in the present".

Organisation/Artist(e): BHM

We have provided fun activities for this. One of the activities is AKUNA FITNESS. This is a fitness combination of physical exercises and dance to African music. In addition, this is the ideal way to lose weight and to strengthen the body.

This will be given by Roxette Chikua on Saturday March 14 at noon in the STADIUM COUPURE fitness center in Ghent.

It is 5 euros per person and a maximum of 25 people can participate. Please register by e-mail: bhmgent9000@gmail.com So being fast is the message!

Location: STADIUM COUPURE fitness center, oupure Links 625, 9000 Gent Maps