Black art - resistance and liberation

Written by: Aminata

January 31, 2019

We want to show that black art, like black people, is not a monolith, but is divers, expressive and offers resistance to simple categorisation. Black art exists everywhere and is not restricted to the walls of museums but can also be found in the streets, on blogs and other digital platforms and on the canvases of our bodies.


Just like the movements with which it goes, black art is powerful, personal and feels more present than ever. It challenges black activists and artists to do the hard work to interrogate and change the subtle prejudices, deep beliefs and core values ​​that shape our world - in order to feel free.

Liberation is impossible as long as we do not redefine ourselves. Without a change in our own vision, we remain slaves to the ideas and values ​​of the oppressor. Ideals and values ​​that ultimately attack the core of our existence. That is why we must see the world in terms of our own reality and discover who we really are.

Art enables us to visualise the present and the future. When it comes to justice and community, the future, and therefore our liberation, must first be imagined and depicted.

Art gives us a small glimpse of what else is possible. It is a way to deal with the trauma caused by systems of oppression, and a way to strengthen the voices of those who are silenced.

Art connects. For black people who survive under the yoke of society, finding a connection through art means knowing that you are not alone in your personal struggle. During this inspiring month we want to bring Afro-Belgians closer to art through which they can recognize themselves and through which they can be inspired. We want to encourage them to reinvent themselves in ways that can be liberating. Let art lead the way.