We Object by De//colonize

Date: 17- 31/03/21

Time: 18:00

Location: Online

Description :

Organization/Artist: DeBuren, Beursschouwburg, De//colonize

Time: 17/3, 24/3 and 31/3

De//colonize is a group of Cultural Studies MA students at Katholieke Universiteit Leuven as part of their Cultural Policy course in order to engage with the topic of decolonization.

As part of the Black History Month program, three one hour live conversations will take place between two invited speakers (one from Belgium and one from the Netherlands) streamed on youtube.

Each speaker will be asked to bring an object, text, memory, piece of food, something that is personal to them and shows the legacy of colonialism in their everyday life. The conversation will begin with each speaker explaining their object to their fellow speaker and virtual audience.

The objective of this event series is to create an informal and intimate space to discuss and consider how and why colonialism exists in all of our everyday lives, to then encourage us all to consider why and how we should pursue de-colonial and anti-colonial efforts.