Vegan Potluck

Date: 28/03/20

Time: 16:00

Location: Ghent

Description : Jazz and Soul singer Spaicy takes us into her intimate and safe as possible space. With a joint putlock and an acoustic concert we fill the evening with pleasant conversations about the intersections veganism and being black.

Organization/Artist: VOEM, EVA

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  • Potluck is a joint meal in which each participant or group of participants brings food (often self-prepared) and shares it with all other guests present.

Mealtime in African families is an extremely important cultural and social ritual. There are several psychological benefits to cooking for other people. Serving a meal stabilizes the emotions between the provider and the recipient and eating together strengthens the common ties and helps with mental health. Sharing the same food with someone else also builds trust, collaboration, and a sense of connectivity.

LIMITED number of places!

Address: EVA Steendam 84, 9000 Gent, Belgium

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