Date: 05/03/22

Time: 13:00

Location: Antwerp

Description : turn up the music

Organization/Artist: CORSO, Rhythmic Mobility

• Location: CORSO - Driekoningenstraat 126, 2600 Antwerpen

o Workshops: 14:00 – 17:00

o Party: 18:00-23:30

• Language: EN/NL

• CST: Yes

• Tickets: https://corso.be/programma/turn-up-the-music

• Partners: CORSO, Rhythmic Mobility

Travel back to a time where everybody, at the end of their work-week, dressed up in the Saturday-night fit they bought on Friday with Thursday’s pay-day. You meet up with friends and y’all head to the hottest party in town for a night of fun & love, all whilst dancing to the Blackest tunes of the Funk, Soul, and Disco era of the 70s & 80s. Turn Up The Music is a clubbing experience celebrating the freedom of Black Cultural expression. Out of love for music, dance, and the people that make it real, we’re creating an event that re-lives what once was. A re-enactment so to speak. Turn Up The Music itself is here to provide people from all ages, young and old, with a truly authentic clubbing experience. Think Funk, Soul, and Disco music from the 70s and 80s ! Can’t wait to see you there!