Think beyond 'the book'- Bib Sophia decolonizes

Date: 17/03/21

Time: 19:00

Location: Zoom

Description : What role can a library play in shaping personal and community identity? How can we give a place to the social life and shared memories of Black communities in Belgium? What about self-published works? Our mission is to actively collect and offer materials from black writers, filmmakers and cultural players.

Organization/Artist: Bib Sophia Schaarbeek

During Black History Month, 4 residents examine Bib Sophia's collection for gaps, bad buys, inconsistencies and other obstacles. How can a contemporary collection and an all-encompassing archive go hand in hand? The residents view the current collection with a critical eye and make proposals to adjust it. The results of their research are discussed during this zoom meeting.

The residents are: Awa-Alice Ba Ange-Vanessa Nsazineza Lisette Ma Neza Sachka Samuelle Vincent

Moderator: Baudouin Mena Sebu

Language: Dutch