The attack on Black Intellectuality - epistemological violence from history to present

Date: 18/03/21

Time: 19:00

Location: Online

Description : Black people, academics and intellectuals have a long history of being subject to epistemological violence - violence exerted against or through knowledge. Non-Western knowledge is viewed and treated as inferior, degraded because of whiteness and systems having their roots in racism while Western knowledge is viewed as objective.

Organization/Artist: WeDecolonizeVUB

The attack on Black intellectuality manifests itself in various forms and exhibits itself in modernised ways on social media. According to us it’s important to know the value of our Black intellectuals, dive into our archives and dig up the knowledge that has been unvalued/undervalued and as a result is not broadly known. We believe it is crucial to look back at the knowledge of our ancestors in order to collect and archive the past, present and future.

Speakers: TBA