Speaking & Support Group for Black Queer, Trans* and Intersex

Date: 05- 31/03/20

Time: 11:00

Location: Brussels

Description : Whether you are used to coming to Rainbow Nation Brussels’ Speaking and Support groups or this is your first time, you are very heartfully welcome. After organizing Speaking and Support groups for QT*IBPOC (LGBTQI+ People who are Black or of Colour) for more than a year and a half, we have decided, starting from this Black History Month Belgium, to ALSO organizing speaking groups strictly for Black LGBTQI+ People in Brussels.

Organization/Artist: Rainbow Nation Brussels

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Not only to create a safer space, away from the anti-Blackness/racism that is prevalent in communities of Colour, but also and more importantly to be able to speak in an even more free and unapologetically Black way of our joys, pains, love, anger, intra-community issues, etc.

What is a Safer Space? Ideally, a confidential space where no one will be judged, where you can entrust the things you go through (experiences, fears, joys, sadness, questions, strategies, love, energy ...) and where you will find the support of a community defined by the framework of this Safer Space.

This Safer Space is only for LGBTQI+ people who are treated and racialized as Black in the world. This includes mixed and non-mixed people whose Blackness is socially unambiguously recognizable.

To make sure the Speaking and Support Groups remain entirely anonymous, the meeting place, dates and times are kept secret. Therefore, if you are part of this community and want to join the Speaking and Support Groups, or to simply reach out, please:

If you are interested in the Speaking and Support Groups and want to keep the event anonymously, don't click on Interested or Attending, simply Save the event.

We will be holding groups in English, French and Dutch, but please don't let language be a barrier and reach out.

Dear Black Queer, Trans* and Intersex siblings, We see you, we love you.

Rainbow Nation Brussels