Workshop 'Safe Space'

Date: 20/03/20

Time: 17:00

Location: Brussels

Description : 'Safe Spaces in Shaped Spaces' - by Aru Lee For art students but open to all.

Organization/Artist: 1030cultuur

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This workshop introduces participants in understanding the navigation and mental construction of safe spaces in public areas. What are safe spaces and what does it mean to have a safe space? We present techniques and advice for transferring foreign information that an individual may not necessarily think of first hand. The workshop proceeds in three sessions: Introduction to workshop and group dialogues; A group exercise using techniques (such as sensory immersion); A group evaluation of experiences and discussions. The aim is to help participants assess their future design development process.

Workshop is free of charge.

Secure your spot on: or 02 245 32 90 Specifically for art students but open to public

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