Archiving while Black - The Preservation of Black Cultures and Memories

Date: 06/03/21

Time: 18:00

Location: Online

Description : In 2021, Black History Month Belgium will be centred on the process of archiving and documenting the diasporic African experience in Belgium.

Organization/Artist: Kunsthal Gent

The main goal of focusing on this particular theme is to gain a more complete understanding of the Black experience through primary resources that we then hope to archive via a Belgian Black archive, our hope is to introduce some disruption of linear modes of thinking prevalent in society. Examining our role in the process of what gets catalogued, preserved, exhibited and researched. How do we go about the process of archiving in Belgium? What are the challenges, pitfalls and opportunities of archiving while Black? How would we like to be remembered? Black History Month Belgium wants to try and breakdown some of the traditionally held archival practices by actually trying to uplift Black voices and Black history, recording these stories according to our own standards and vocabularies. Join us as we discuss this live from Kunsthal in Gent.

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Where: Livestreamed from Kunsthal Gent via Zoom and Facebook

Date & Time: 06/03/2021 at 19h

Speakers: Sibo Kanobana, Bambi Ceuppens, Baudouin David Mena Sebu and Nozizwe Dube

Language: English