PAGNE AFRICAIN - A Pan-African Fabric Exhibition

Date: 02- 31/03/21

Time: 19:00

Location: Hasselt

Description : Pagne Africain is a Pan-African fabric exhibition that is based upon an exclusive selection of African fabrics that cross-sectionally showcase the entire continent.

Organization/Artist: Modemuseum Hasselt

The exhibition aims at presenting the versatility of African textile culture and praxis. The essence of this exhibition project does not lie in the contradiction between the poor and the rich, but in the wealth of knowledge, history, spirituality and meaning embedded in the fabrics notwithstanding the stereotypical allusion to colour.

This in its turn reaffirms the largesse and majesty of the African continent that cannot be captured in a series of images but is literally embodied. African heterogeneity is too broad and divergent in terms of population groups, cultural heritage, historical backgrounds, ancestral beliefs etc.

Location: Modemuseum Hasselt, Gasthuisstraat 11, 3500 Hasselt See maps