Nehanda Radio Opera by Nora Chipaumire

Date: 15- 31/03/21

Time: 15:00

Location: Online

Description :

Organization/Artist: Kunstencentrum Vooruit, Nora Chipaumire

In the year 2020 it was impossible for humans to gather, create, dance and sing as they had become accustomed. Live events, let alone actualizing works with publics present, became a thing of the past. In this apocalyptic atmosphere the old fashioned, antiquated medium of radio was allowed a return. Radio proceeds to provide a window for continued research and sharing of creative work. It is in this spirit of repurposing old mediums that we indulge in this format. In this era of “BLM“, pandemics and other disparities, we at WIFM-ZIFM believe that the world is hungry for serialized broadcasts of stories of rebellions and the rebels who led them. This series starts with Nehanda, the Shona. Her opera examines historic crimes committed by the British in the illegally occupied territory then named Southern Rhodesia. Colonial documentation and archiving of settler occupation starts in 1890 and ends officially in 1980!

The history of the Shona pre-dates and post-dates this temporary but obtuse and profound off-roading of the native way of life. This version is co produced by La Casa Encendida (Madrid), Lincoln Center (NYC),

Partner: Kunstencentrum Vooruit and Nora Chipaumire Date & time: 15/03 - 31/03 everyday from 16h Where: Online/Youtube