On Navigating Nightlife and Festivals as Black People

Date: 03/03/21

Time: 18:00

Location: Online

Description : How to navigate the nightlife spaces and festivals as Black and Afro-descendant people? What strategies can be learned from experiences of racism, negrophobia and other intersectional violence in these spaces? Are safer spaces or non-mixed spaces necessary, possible and achievable?

Organization/Artist: Beursschouwburg

What can Brussels learn from initiatives like PLURI (Peace.Love.Unity.Respect.Initiative) Montreal in terms of inclusiveness and safety on the dancefloors? How to eliminate or restructure the functions of security and police in parties, concerts and festivals? What are the future prospects for Black and Afro-descendant people in the nightlife and the #BLM post-uprising festivals of June 2020?

Speakers: Aïsha Vertus (Gayance) John Akwete (JeuneClyde / NDUNGU) Rachael Moore (SHAKEDOWN) Célia Lutangu (Wu-Tangu)

Moderator: Eric Cyuzuzo


Language: French