Screening + Exhibition – I am Afro Greek: Black Portraiture in Greece - Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí (2022)

Date: 18/03/22

Time: 17:00

Location: Brussels

Description : Screening + Exhibition – I am Afro Greek Black Portraiture in Greece - Adeola Naomi Aderemi (2022)

Organization/Artist: Distinguished Diva, Adeola Naomi Aderem

Location: Centre Tour à Plomb

Time: 18:00-22:00

Language: EN

CST: Yes

Tickets: Pay What You Can – in cash at the door

Partners: Distinguished Diva, Adeola Naomi Aderemi

The Power of an Assembly is only as strong as it is welcoming to new members. Nigerian-born Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí was raised in Greece, and then welcomed into the assembly of Black People living in Belgium in 2019.

Adérè̩mí traveled back to Greece over the summer of 2020 to document the lives and lived experiences of Greeks of Black African and Diasporic descent on film, and is premiering it with her new community in Brussels for Black History Month Belgium, and curating a powerful photography exhibition to accompany the documentary on Friday March 18th.

An after-talk with Adéọlá will follow the screening.

I am Afro Greek: Black Portraiture in Greece - Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí (2022)

Language: Greek, with English subtitles

Duration: 22 min.

What’s in a nation, what constitutes a sense of belonging?

Adérèmí has been researching in her work the role of language in self-determination and identity. This prompted her to embark on an inquiry in 2017 of the term AfroGreek, a newly discussed term that, belatedly, followed similar forms of self-determination from other Afroeuropeans. In 2018 and before the global pandemic, Adéọlá Naomi Adérèmí together with Jackie Abhulimen interviewed several Afrogreek citizens and denizens, discussing ideas of racism, identity, nation building and their views on the term itself, creating a film that the State of Concept was honoured to support. It is with great pleasure that we present this film to the public, in a time where discriminatory speech, racism, and xenophobia are rising in Greek society, and after two years of a global pandemic, that have augmented in European and global level sentiments of nationalism.

Adéọlá Naomi Adérè̩mí (she/her) is a multilingual, multilocal, AfroGreek, and multi-format artist, scholar, curator, filmmaker and healer. She received her Masters of Science in Public Health at Birmingham City University. She is the founder and editor-in-chief of Distinguished Diva. She utilizes the integration of holistic healing practices in policy spaces and culture, as well as uses modalities of care available on issues around Black women’s liberation, gender justice, women's health, and equal representation for voices of women of African descent in global media. Her work in various mediums has been featured in publications such as Women Under Siege, New York Times, Ms. Magazine, New Museum New York, Forbes, E-flux, Elle, and Vogue. In 2022, she premiered her debut documentary film on the lives and lived experiences of Greeks of Black African and Diasporic descent, I am Afro Greek: Black Portraiture in Greece.

Aggelos Barai is a photographer. He was born in Fieri, Albania (1994) and in 1998 he migrated with his family to Greece, where he grew up. He has studied photography and art history in Athens. His work focuses mainly on social issues, such as human rights and migration movements in the Balkans. He has been awarded several prizes in Greece and abroad, including from the Educational Foundation of the Journalists’ Union of Macedonia & Thrace Daily Newspapers and the International Organization for Migration (IOM). He is a member of the Foreign Press Association of Greece and a brand ambassador for FujiFilm in Greece. Since 2012 he has been working as a freelance photographer, collaborating with non-governmental organisations as well as with Greek and international newspapers and magazines. He has been awarded the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Artist Fellowship by ARTWORKS (2021).