Date: 14- 28/03/22

Time: 18:30

Location: Antwerp


Organization/Artist: Miranda Aerts

• Organization: Cier Community - Miranda Ntirandekura

• Time: 19:30 – 21:00

• Language: NL

• CST: No (Max. 8 participants)

• Tickets: <https://calendly.com/therapeute_miranda/healing-circles?month=2022-03 >

• Location: Zie ticketlink

• Partners: Cier Community - https://www.instagram.com/ciercommunity/

• Contactpersoon: Cier Community BHM Antwerp

In a highly individualized Western society with a strong focus on the I and SELF-care, we tend to lose the power of community. Healing Circles are a well-known practice within various Indigenous traditional cultures. They act as a safe and accepting environment where individuals are encouraged to participate, speak and listen without judgment. Knowing that you are not alone with your emotions, thoughts or experiences can be empowering and motivating. The Healing Circles for members of the Black Community are designed as spaces where we can come together in small groups to talk and learn together about topics that affect our daily lives, mental health and general well-being. #HealingThroughSharing #CommunityCare

Basic principles:

• Respect: We respect the presence, dignity and contribution of each participant.

• Equality: everyone has an equal vote.

• Confidential: what is said in the Healing Circle stays there.

• Voluntary: No participant is obligated to share anything unless they choose to.