Making Connections between Photography, History and Community

Date: 15- 21/03/21

Time: 18:30

Location: Antwerp

Description : DIVING IN - Making Connections between Photography, History and Community

Organization/Artist: FOMU, Sint Lucas, Red Star Line Star Museum

"DIVING IN" is an urban open-air exhibition of four Afro-Belgian artists

From January to February 2021, four students were immersed in the basics of photography and learned how to use photography and family photos to represent their own stories and experiences. Inspired by their own family photos and an intergenerational dialogue with a family member, they created new photos that can be viewed in the public space in Antwerp during Black History Month. With images captured in different environments and contexts, DIVING IN offers a personalized approach to community, identity and history.

Curator: Agnes Kena Fotografen: Chloë Kamali, Joyce Gracia Konde, Maité Egeolu en Shalom Habarurema

Language: Dutch Location: Antwerp City Time: 15/3 till 21/3 Partners: FOMU, Red Star Line Museum, Sint Lucas