the impact of racism on health

Date: 09/03/20

Time: 20:00

Location: Antwerp

Description : Despite the growing interest in understanding how social factors cause poor health outcomes, many academics, policy makers, scientists, journalists and others remain reluctant to identify racism as a major cause of racial health inequality.

Organization/Artist: DE ROMA, BHM

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During this evening, which is part of Black History Month, we reflect on the impact of structural racism on public health. The purpose of this evening is to make people aware of these issues and to emphasize the importance of focusing on structural racism for promoting health equality.

The evening is introduced by a report in which black people in Antwerp testify about how their experience with institutional racism, cultural racism or interpersonal racial discrimination has had an impact on their well-being and health. Next, experts speak who inform the public more about the relationship between racism and health and engage in a dialogue with the public. We conclude with an artistic performance.