Deal with stress creatively

Date: 21/03/20

Time: 12:45

Location: Antwerp

Description : For BHM, AYO is organizing “Deal with stress creatively”. With this we show that you can combat stress in creative ways through art (painting) and a solid boxing lesson!

Organization/Artist: AYO

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Address: Kavka Oudaan, Oudaan 14, 2000 Antwerp, Belgium

At 2 pm we start with a painting moment where Chloë Kamali shows us that art makes you calm. 🎨

Then Amavi Yaovi Landry gives a spicy boxing lesson at 16:30. Hereby we want to show that the processing of stress can be done in a relaxing way! 🥊 All of this for the small price of €5

See you then!

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