Black Men Sharing - An Intergenerational Conversation

Date: 25/03/21

Time: 18:00

Location: BHM YouTube

Description : an intergenerational conversation about being a Black Man in Belgium

Organization/Artist: FOMU

For this project, BHM is working together with FOMU - Fotomuseum Antwerp. FOMU provides support to make the realization of the talk possible.

Black Men Sharing (B.M.S.) is a reflective platform which strives to create spaces allowing Black Men to share openly about psychosocial topics through discussions.

In this discussion four black men with different profiles and backgrounds will testify about their experiences in Belgium throughout time. We aim to center the different social challenges Black people in general and specifically Black men face in Belgium. We hope this conversation will answer some important and timely questions and amplify voices which go unheard in a country where the racial problem is often overshadowed.

Language: English/Dutch/French