A Conversation about Being Black in Academia

Date: 04/03/20

Time: 16:00

Location: Leuven

Description : In Belgium racial inequality, disadvantage and discrimination is widespread within our educational system. During this gathering we will discuss the underrepresentation of racialised minorities within academic institutions and institutions of Higher Learning and the function of whiteness and white supremacy within academia. White supremacy is understood as the context within which whiteness can remain a neutralised and privileged racial positioning.

Organization/Artist: KU Leuven, Karibu, UNDIVIDED

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Racialised academics are still few and far between within institutions of Higher Learning in Belgium. Reading lists are still filled with predominantly white scholars. Racial micro- aggressions regularly remind students and academics of colour that they are positioned as out of place. Racialised academics are often called upon to repeatedly discuss the neutrality of whiteness in academia with little to no institutional change. How does this racial inequality impact the wellbeing of racialised students, academics and staff? What does is it do to a person’s mental health to deal with racism-related feelings of ‘imposter syndrome’, being the only person of color in a space and wondering if you’re supposed to be there? What does it mean to exist and resist within these white supremacist structures?

Examples: • Confronting racial bias from professors, peers and staff • Struggling with the pressure of proving yourself • Dealing with a Eurocentric teaching focus • Failing to get solidarity from peers and administration • …

Address: Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid KU Leuven Tiensestraat 41, 3000 Leuven, Belgium

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