Beyond The Hijab

Date: 29/03/22

Time: 19:00

Location: Brussels

Description : Beyond The Hijab a conversation between Black Muslim Women

Organization/Artist: BHM

March 29th – Beyond The Hijab: a conversation between Black Muslim Women

Location: TBA Time: 20:00-23:00

Language: EN/FR/NL


Tickets: FREE with registration

Being Black encompasses a myriad of identities and young Black Muslim women have complex, intersectional identities and exist at the margins of various identity groups. Given this, members of the community can face societal relegation across, not only race and gender lines, but across religious ones, too.

Black Muslim Women are so often left out of many discussions, ignored and overlooked, their stories often go unheard.

With this event, we at Black History Month Belgium would like to create a safe space where Black Muslim Women can share their experiences, ask questions and hold space for each other.

We will start with screening Agneskena’s conversation ‘My Sister Is A Hijabi’ which is part of the ‘Is That Your Sister?’ series with the hope of creating a stimulating environment from which we can launch an open panel discussion (with Fatima Awil, Fouzia Sadala, Uwera Franckaerts and Philsan Osman), a curated safe(r) space for the audience to engage in a long-form dialogue and open-ended conversation based on their lived experiences.

To ensure that this remains a safer space this event will be exclusively for Black(-descendant) participants.