A Conversation with Black Art Curators

Date: 10/03/22

Time: 18:00

Location: Brussels

Description : A Conversation with Black Art Curators

Organization/Artist: FACE B

Location: FACE B : Lebeaustraat 18, 1000 Brussel

Language: EN/FR


Tickets: FREE

A Conversation with Black Visual Art Curators during which they will discuss their careers, backgrounds, strategies and values, as well as the place they give to Black-descendant artists in their practice and their relationship to the diaspora and the continent in their practice.

The talk will be moderated by Eric Cyuzuzo, and followed by a DJ set by BO MENG.

Sorana Munsya

Sorana Munsya is a Congolese curator and psychologist living in Brussels. In her curatorial practice and writings, she is concerned with the connections between art and individual as well as collective healing strategies or practices. Specialized in contemporary visual art created by african artists, she was the assistant curator of the 5th Lubumbashi Biennale of Contemporary Art. She writes for many art catalogues and art magazines such as Hart, the 12th Bamako Encounters catalogue etc. In 2021, she curated the first solo exhibition of the congolese artist Leonard Pongo at Bozar, Brussels and the one of Michele Magema at Extra City, Antwerp. In 2022, she's working on a few exhibition projects. One of them will be the Kanal Pompidou’s “Living Traces” project, for which she is co-curating Horst Music & Arts Festival’s exhibition “The Act of Breathing”.


Kenny Mala Ngombe

Born in Leuven, Belgium, Kenny Mala Ngombe is a self-taught visual artist and curator with Congolese roots, creating characters and scenes based on not only his surroundings but also results of a flow of imagination. As an artist, he has mostly been working with black markers, acrylic paint and oil bars, but has recently been developing himself within other media such as video and sculptures. As the curator for Customs & Borders, with its first event "Frontier of Contact" in september 2021, his goal is to curate and create projects with artists of African descent with representation being one of the main factors. He researches how abstract the role as a curator and/or institution can be in the process of an exhibition or residency. Currently developing a next project within Customs & Borders, called "Sounds in the Margins".



Rose-Myrtha Fortuna

The name Rose-Myrtha is a conjunction of the words Rosacae and Myrthacae. Both the Rosacae and Myrthacae are the names of plant families consisting of herbs, shrubs, and trees, with powerful healing qualities, but more so they are known for their beauty. The collision of these two words conjured the essence, the soul and the spirit of Rose-Myrtha. A powerful being with healing qualities, passionate by aesthetic pleasure. A passion which she transfigures in her work as an art curator, healer and plantwoman. At 18 years old she founded her own non-profit organization 'Kuchukua Hatua vzw'. With Kuchukua Hatua vzw she aims to generate, boost and bundle inner strengths to transform them into sustainable development within our societies. With Kuchukua Hatua she has organized and curated the ‘African contemporary art exhibitioin’ in 2016. The ‘Sankofa’ art exhibition in 2017. The ‘Healing through art‘ exhibition in 2019 and the ‘Honor&Respect – the de-objectification of Black femininity’ art exhibition in 2021. In Kuchukua Hatua latest expo Rose-Myrtha debuted as a visual artist for the very first time.



Eric Cyuzuzo

=== Eric Cyuzuzo ===

Eric Cyuzuzo is a sociocultural worker involved in various Brussels-based platforms that seek to foreground the stories of Black People at their intersecting identities. He is also part of the leading team of the Brussels chapter of Black History Month Belgium.


Bo Meng

Bo Meng is a Brussels based DJ that started with a passion for afrobeat and hip hop music. Since then, she has added afrohouse, house and a bit of electro to her range. But one thing has definitely remained the same : she prefers to spin tracks by artists of black descent. After playing at several venues and festivals in Brussels such as Beursschouwburg, BRUZZ, Maison du Peuple, VK, Kiosk Radio, Kunstenfestivaldesarts and Decoratelier to name a few, she will gladly come to you to make you discover her bouncy repertoire.